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How to list a job on Eternity Jobs

How to list a job on Eternity Jobs

If you're wondering what's involved to list your job through us - we've put together this guide to show you exactly what's involved when you go to list your job on Eternity Jobs (and Eternity News!).  Reaching a highly engaged and educated Christian audience is just three easy steps away and can be completed in minutes:

1. Choose your ad product

We currently offer two different ad products.

FREE Listing

Our FREE listing is appears directly on our mobile optimised site (50% of our job seekers are searching on a mobile phone, and we make it really easy for them to find your listing). The listing will also appear on rotation on the Eternity News site for 30 days (or until you choose to unpublish it). Eternity News reaches over 500,000 Australian's every month, and has a significant (and growing!) readership.

You can amend your job listing throughout the duration of the listing (handy if you need to adjust the details, or if you make a mistake in the rush to get it published!). 

Your job listing will also be emailed to job seekers who have signed up to be notified about jobs like yours.


Premium Listing

Our Premium listing has all the features of the free listing, plus it will appear before free listings on Eternity News, our homepage, relevant categories and search results. These listings also appear with our bold gold highlighting and are marked "featured", so they really do stand out.


2. Enter your job ad details and preview

Every job is unique, and our platform allows your to tailor your job listing so that you can appeal to the best candidates possible. We support standard listing details like:

Job Title

Description: (easily format with Microsoft Word like tools, and include both images and video to enhance your listing or provide more detail)

Categories: (select up to 5 categories or sectors for your listing, our categories have been crafted to include popular options like chaplaincy, church leadership and mission.

Location: If your job is co-located, you can list the suburb and state. If the listing is for a remote worker you can select this, and optionally indicate a preferred remote location.

Salary range: This is an optional field

Additional documentation:  You can attach an additional document to the listing that candidates can download, this is perfect for attaching position descriptions or similar information.

How to apply:  Provide either an email address or a link to an application form on your website

Posting date: You can specify today's date to list the job immediately, or pick a future date

Expiration date: Choose when the listing expires, or leave the default of 30 days

Closing date: Optionally provide the closing date, which will be indicated prominently at the bottom of the listing


3. Enter your credit card details through our secure checkout

We currently accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX.  If you would prefer to pay via cheque or direct deposit, please contact us

That's it! Your job will appear on Eternity Jobs instantly, and shortly after it will be displayed on Eternity News. Don't forget that relevant job seekers will be alerted about your job too.


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