Hopefield Services Inc.

Hopefield is a community based, charitable, non-profit, therapeutic and social services
organisation that enables people to solve issues by equipping them for meaningful change
and inspiring hope.

At Hopefield, we fundamentally believe that every human being in inherently worthy.
Regardless of life circumstance, background or belief, every individual matters and we exist
to improve the lives and wellbeing of our clients by showing them that change is possible.

Hopefield provides professional, evidence based, psychological, social and group services to individuals, (from children through to adults), couples and families and has built a strong
reputation for delivering effective social and relational services and programs.

Hopefield has a particular focus on serving the community in the areas of risk, resilience
and early intervention and has a range of evidence-based programs that equip people with
the every-day skills necessary for improved communication, resiliency, social and emotional
functioning, healthy relationships and an improved sense of belonging.

The organisations strengths include constant innovation, accessibility, commitment to excellence and a grass roots approach to community need.

Services include:
- Clinical Services: principally counselling, psychological services and speech therapy

- Support Services: social services including case management, meeting practical needs and
facilitating groups with marginalised and vulnerable people.

- Community Education: prevention and early intervention programs that build awareness
and skills.

Hopefield also has three consistent organisational outcomes across all its endevours:

1) Individuals are emotionally and functionally healthy
2) Families are safe nurturing and resilient
3) Communities are vibrant, connected and thriving

Operating out of a number of premises in the Sutherland Shire, these services strive to be
accessible both financially and practically.