Campsie Chinese Congregational Church

Campsie Chinese Congregational Church is an evangelical Bible-based church in the Campsie area in Sydney, with two Chinese congregations (with around 120 members altogether) and one English congregation (around 50 members). Established in 1995, we hold the Bible to be the Word of God and our highest authority on matters of life and doctrine. We are affiliated with the Fellowship of Congregational Churches (FCC).

29 Dec, 2021  
Campsie Chinese Congregational Church is looking for a full-time pastor for its English congregation. The pastor must have passion to serve God and respect the tradition of the Congregational Church. The pastor is responsible to the church for providing spiritual and administrative leadership of the English Church ; and is to use his gifts in proclamation of gospel and pastoral care to meet the needs of persons in the church and community. The pastor reports to the Senior Minister of Campsie Chinese Congregational Church. Congregation Demographics: Our English congregation consists of mainly the second generation of migrants from China and Hong Kong. There is about 50 members consists of mostly high schoolers, university students and young workers. Qualification: The pastor must possess a theological bachelor degree or above. The degree should be ACT equivalent or above. Candidates graduating at the end of 2021 will also be considered. Previous experience of being pastor is...
Campsie Chinese Congregational Church Croydon Park NSW, Australia Part time / Full time