Little Footprints Christian Child Care

To educate and prepare children for a successful future with Christ as the centre of their lives through a loving and caring environment.

Little Footprints believes that all children are made in God’s image and therefore are of infinite worth and value. No matter what race, skin colour, gender, appearance, or religion, all are infinitely precious. We believe in integrating basic Christian teaching & values aimed at young children with a strong focus on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Little Footprints also believes that children are unique and capable beings that develop at their own rate, and thus by providing enriching, meaningful and realistic opportunities children will explore, create, discover, and imagine. Little Footprints aims at focusing on providing children with opportunities to learn through play using a child centred approach where the play experiences reflect children’s interests, previous experiences, and biblical teachings. As we unpack the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) we will work alongside the children to actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills.

Little Footprints believes that children learn valuable skills while interacting with other children as peer relationships are important to a child’s development. Little Footprints believes that friends not only provide companionship but meet other valuable needs as well. The centre believes that through interaction with peers, children learn valuable social skills. They learn how to do things like join groups, make new friends, participate in groups, and negotiate conflict. Little Footprints also believes that friendships provide a supportive context in which self-exploration, emotional growth, and moral development can occur. We aim at encouraging children to build strong and positive relationships with their peers and providing children with opportunities to build their confidence and social skills.

We believe in the importance for children to have a love for God and a love for all people, regardless of race, skin colour, gender, appearance, or religion, and to do this genuinely, not out of force.

We teach and encourage reconciliation & forgiveness, honesty & humility, towards all their friends and towards God.

With a starting point of believing all children are infinitely precious, this naturally shapes our approach to all other educational aspects to be done with a high level of love, care and expertise.