Anglican Aid

The Archbishop of Sydney's Anglican Aid ( is an aid and ministry support agency of Sydney Anglicans in partnership with the global church. We strengthen churches and transform communities by building relationships between Australian Christians and local partners overseas. We long to see the grace of God overflowing to a world in need. 

Our values are informed by reformed evangelical faith and sound development principles.

We value: Grace, Compassion, Integrity, Gospel partnerships, Community participation, and Sustainable transformation.

Anglican Aid is uniquely placed to positively affect churches and communities by virtue of the following distinctives:

  • We carry the name of the Archbishop of Sydney, along with the theological alignment and reputation that implies. The gospel is the central motivator of all our activities, which we make clear in all our dealings with partners and supporters. Through Anglican Aid, aid and development is united with strengthening churches through our holistic model.
  • We value and prioritise long term partnerships over short-term projects. This enables us to be a true partner in community transformation, as well as tackle difficult challenges and root causes.  We partner with local Evangelical Christians on the ground, giving us the advantages of community ownership of projects, local expertise, financial effectiveness, and ensures the name of Christ accompanies all our work. 
  • Our global network of partners enables us to reach some of the neediest places in the world, including countries other NGOs struggle to access. Global partners are also a great asset in encouraging supporters through updates and visits.