Our Place Christian Communities

In response to the gospel, we have a vision of a world where people with disability are safe and known, connected and growing, celebrated and loved. With a focus on our residential communities and an openness to those beyond, we link people to housing through organisations such as Hope Christian Homes, we nurture and disciple mixed-ability communities, we inspire churches to build mutual relationships with people with disability and we resource churches to practise meaningful inclusion. We build communities of love, fitting to life as a disciple of Jesus.

Our Place Christian Communities Incorporated is a Registered Charity and Public Benevolent Institution. 

06 Oct, 2021
$36,000 - $38,000 yearly
Our Place Christian Communities is a new ministry seeking to - Coordinate pastoral care and disciple-making for residents of Hope Christian Homes (our partner organisation). - Inspire and resource churches to meaningfully include people with disabilities in their church families. This is a new position that will require initiative and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The successful candidate will have a strong and active Christian faith, some theological training, and experience (with ideally some qualification) in working with people with disabilities. For a job description and further information and/or to apply, please send your resume and letter of application to Lisa Patston via email: patstons@bigpond.net.au
Our Place Christian Communities Springwood NSW, Australia Part time