Youth Pastor/ Worker (Pastoral Assistant Supervised)

To commence in January 2022


This position with Evans Head Presbyterian Church works in consolation with and under the direction of the eldership to provide and facilitate ministry to those inside and outside the church up to between the ages of 12 and 21

This includes but is not limited to

  • Coordination (or co-cordination) of ministry to youth in the form of youth group, youth bible studies and in the life of the church (including in services)
  • The development of leaders who minister to those under the age of 21 and including the development of student leaders among the senior youth.
  • The delivery of weekly high school SRE lessons into Evans River K-12
  • Coordination and some delivery of weekly SRE lessons into Evans River K-6 classes and at Woodburn Public School.


As described above this position has a significant proportion of it’s time in the SRE setting. In accordance there are both some desirable and necessary requirements.



Approval to teach SRE through the Presbyterian Church of NSW which entails:

  • Be authorised by the Conduct Protocol Unit (CPU) as a high school SRE teacher
    • WWCC
    • Child Protection Awareness Training
  • Completed basic 7 module High School SRE training
  • Be trained to at least certificate level in both teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom and pastoral care
  • Commenced or completed at least a Theological Diploma



  • Any teaching qualification
  • Any experience in youth work and or youth ministry


Position is for 2 to 3 days per week- negotiated depending on the skill set of the applicant.


It also may be suitable to combine with a ministry apprenticeship through MTS.


It is expected that the applicant will be located (or willing to relocate) to one of the towns in our area (Woodburn, Coraki, Evans Head, Broadwater) and become a part of Evans Head Presbyterian Church.


For further information or to apply, please contact Les Moreman - les@evansheadpc.org for more information and an application package.


Applications close Friday November 12th, 2021