Sago Network

Sago Network is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that was established in Australia in 2011. Our aim is to strengthen lives in Papua New Guinea (PNG) by improving water, sanitation, health, and hygiene standards at a community level. Sago Network partners with local communities in PNG to improve community health and well-being.

 Sago Network's programmes are focused on partnerships with rural and coastal communities who are committed to effecting positive change in their villages. Each project and programme undertaken by Sago Network aims to place local people at the centre of their own development process. Communities are empowered with the decision-making ability to shape the project or programme’s core objectives and are encouraged to make a meaningful contribution toward their achievement. The team values process and professionalism as highly as product, always seeking to undertake a process that is inclusive and capacity-building in nature. 

Sago Network prides itself in being an efficient, nimble, and innovative organisation that delivers professional and impactful programmes to PNG communities in need. Our current programmes include:

  • Community lead water, sanitation, and health programmes.
  • The development and distribution the Sago Dry Toilet (SDT), dehydration toilet system.
  • Planning and strategic consultancy.
  • Participation in the Aerial Health Patrol (AHP) programme - Western Province.