At Meritos, we seek to unleash the potential that exists within all of us. Together, you can.

Our vision is to support every person and organisation to achieve their human potential.

We believe great people are key to your organisation’s future, and we not only source these people but we become part of your team to unleash their potential. We can do this because we’ve been where you’re standing, and our team has extensive experience in the sectors we represent.

This means we go beyond the typical consulting experience – we empower people and organisations to create a stronger future.

We are a talent advisory firm who helps organisations and people in critical points in their career journey or lives.

Through our process. we develop deep and strong relationships with our clients and candidates and the end result is the right candidate will be placed. Most importantly, the right person in an organisation can achieve great things that would not be possible otherwise. Our team feels privileged to be part of this journey.

At Meritos, we are privately owned, and home grown, which means we prioritise client experience and outcomes over profits every time. We believe your people are key to your organisation’s future and we’ll be part of your team to unleash their potential. We are experts in the sectors we represent, and our proven methodology delivers a process that achieves diversity outcomes. demonstrates good governance, and is data-driven and cost-effective.

Industry leading loyalty program

We love securing wins for our clients and our priority is building long term relationships. Find out more about our industry leading loyalty program, which provides credits on future work or allows organisations to ‘pay it forward’.