Pregnancy Help Australia Ltd

Pregnancy Help Australia strives to build a nation where every vulnerable woman doing it tough throughout pregnancy can access hope-filled support in her local neighbourhood.

Our Mission:

Provide Relief and Connect as many lives as possible around Australia to an effective Network of pregnancy help

To achieve our mission:

We provide relief of poverty, distress, isolation, or grief by facilitating an effective and efficient network of pregnancy centres that offer essential perinatal support at no cost.

We see that individuals are experiencing perinatal isolation, stress or self-doubt right now. So, as a matter of urgency, we make it easy for people to connect with the right local community support through our national 24/7 phone and online chat.

We network passionately to understand community needs. We will not stop equipping and establishing pregnancy centres until everyone has access to the right care and support in their local neighbourhood.

Our Vision:

Accessible Pregnancy Help Australia-wide

Our Values:


We believe that every life, every person and every pregnancy is valuable and worthy of dignity regardless of the circumstances. That means we believe that every pregnancy matters, every person matters, every voice matters and that everyone deserves a hand up when facing difficult situations. We strive to magnify the worth and dignity of every life, every person and every family!


We believe that nothing is beyond a positive future outcome when life doesn't go according to plan and situations seem dire and bleak. No matter what our lives look like – with faith, we can always bring our hopes alive and take courage, knowing that sometimes, the windiest road leads to the most unexpected joy. Faith can move mountains!


The power of compassion gives us the ability to understand each other's situations and spark action that improves lives. We strive to demonstrate heart in all we do! That means being present, listening with love, sincerely desiring to relieve each other's pain and giving rest to the distressed. With LOVE, all things are possible!


Respect for the individual is vital for trust, safety & well-being to thrive. We are committed to providing strictly impartial & compassionate support to anyone, regardless of gender, race, creed or sexual identity.  Every person deserves to make their own pregnancy decision that is fully informed, evidence-based, consistent with their belief system, and free from external influence. We 100% respect a person's right to make their own confident choice.


We believe that different care providers' unified contribution can achieve the best outcomes in maternity wellness. We value the power of lived experience, community & clinical expertise coming together to combine efforts wherever possible. When we unite, we become much more robust than any one of us could hope to be on our own. There's truly no limit to what we're able to accomplish together!


We believe integrity (honesty, honour and truthfulness) is vital to achieving service excellence. Pregnancy help centres exist to provide a safe environment in which a person can access accurate, evidence-based information. We are committed to attending and providing ongoing professional development to implement a trauma-informed, culturally aware and holistic approach to services at all times.


Everyone needs a safe, reliable family who is 100% always there for us no matter what! Sadly, when a pregnancy doesn't go according to plan, many people face isolation, abandonment and rejection. We whole-heartedly provide familial-like support, which means we're always happy to welcome anyone and be a companion community no matter how long or winding the road may be!


Pregnancy Help Australia Ltd. is a national charity that was born in 1979. It was founded on Christian values by directors who had a heart for providing help and relief to pregnant women in distress. Together, they aimed to unite and grow pregnancy help centres across Australia to make it easier for anyone in need to find and access hope-filled support at no cost. Thanks to the founding visionaries, today, we have a growing collective network of 20+ centres operating across the nation, a giant hub of love that anyone can contact 24/7 and connect to local, uplifting support.

Pregnancy Help Australia Ltd. (PHA) is a life-affirming, non-denominational, non-political ACNC registered charity.