Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid

The Katoke Trust is a Sydney based Christian Overseas Aid organisation that focuses its efforts in the Katoke area of north west Tanzania where there is extreme poverty. We partner with the local Anglican church to support quality education, health and agricultural programs to reduce povety and enhance living standards and aspirations of the local population. 

A key project of the Trust is the development and support of the Katoke-Lweru Secondary School established in 2009 nurturing 400 local students to achieve a quality education. Education is the most sustainable form of aid and empowers students to take hold of their own future. Many of our graduating students have gone onto further technical and tertiary studies and will become future leaders in their communities. 

The Katoke Trust is a voluntary grass roots organisation with passionate supporters who through building strong local partnerships, seek to prepare local people to take charge of their own development. Our aim is to provide partnership support for projects that reduce poverty, improve health and assist the community to sustain long term development.