Liquid Church

Liquid Church is a small, connected community that live, work and play on the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful piece of God’s country southeast of Melbourne (roughly an hour from the CBD).  

Liquid Church started in a lounge room in 2008. It’s been over a decade now and we are a thriving community from all walks of life. As a local church we believe that we are part of a much bigger story of God that crosses generations and geographies. We are part of the movement of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania and enjoy the support and autonomy it provides. Our church has continued to be an open, welcoming community, marked by a sense of creativity, innovation, hospitality, and genuine community. 

In July 2021 we entered a season of ‘intentional transition’, reflecting on our narrative, theology, mission, praxis, connections and leadership. As we reflect through the seasons of Liquid Church, a strong thread of DNA has continued. This is a sense of exploration, desire to experiment, learn and respond to how to be God’s church in this time in history, in this culture and place. We have a commitment to our local neighbourhoods and to seek to have integrated, whole-of-life approaches to discipleship. We’re about hospitality, creating a welcoming, fun and transformative place for spiritual formation and deep spirited friendships.