Warnbro Community Church

Warnbro Community Church



 Our Calling

 At Warnbro CC our calling as a church is clear. We exist so that we can… Provide opportunities for the willing to grow into committed followers of Jesus Christ.

One of the most important ways that we seek to fulfill this calling from God is through the provision of Christ-like pastoral leadership and the passionate proclamation of God’s compelling message of good news as seen in the works of Jesus our Lord.

WCC seeks a new Senior Pastor who will join in the work already being done by the Lord in and through our family of faith.

WCC is a vibrant, healthy, and thriving church family that will be a blessing to the one that the Lord calls to be our next leader and shepherd. 

Lots more information on this position can be found at https://www.warnbro.org.au/senior-pastor-search