Mt. Cathedral Community Baptist Church

Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church exists to glorify God by unashamedly preaching the full counsel of Scripture, and inviting those outside the church to repent and believe the gospel. Our two-fold purpose is summarised in Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus commands His apostles to (1) Make disciples of all nations, and; (2) Teach them to observe His commandments. 

Our church was started in 1999 by a small group of believers who were committed to upholding biblical truth and actively proclaiming the gospel to those living in our district. In the face of incredible hardships, not the least of which were the 2009 fires, which saw a number of people from our assembly perish and many homes destroyed, the church has persevered, and as a result enjoys close fellowship and doctrinal solidarity. Over the time, MCCBC has been blessed with three faithful pastors – each with differing gifts, teaching styles, and ministry philosophies, but one thing has always been central: the person and work of Jesus Christ, and how that reality shapes our lives as Christians. 

MCCBC is a small, vibrant, autonomous, and multigenerational community that is marked by authenticity, a high view of God and the Scriptures, and a genuine desire to serve one another and the community at large. We are a church that places emphasis on expository preaching and teaching, worship that is honourable to Christ, care and compassion for one another, and a life that reflects the gospel. 

Our church is privileged to have a building that is leased full-time, and is located on the main street in Alexandra. This facility has recently undergone significant renovations and provides a wonderful space for our corporate worship services, small Bible studies, a pastor’s office and library, a kitchenette, disabled toilet amenities, and a large fellowship room.