St Thomas' Preschool

St Thomas’ Preschool offers a caring, quality Christian education for children aged 3 to 5 years.  The Preschool is open from Monday to Friday during term time and offers two programmes: a three-day group that meets Monday to Wednesday and a two-day group that meets Thursday and Friday.

 The Preschool provides a warm, intimate, nurturing environment with a strong sense of community.  Classes are limited to just 27 children each day.  The Preschool’s educational approach focuses on the provision of personalised, supportive, play-based learning that prepares children exceptionally well for a successful transition to school.  The Preschool was established in 2005 by St Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney as an outreach and service to the local community. 

 St Thomas’ Preschool is based in a beautiful, heritage, sandstone building that looks very traditional on the outside but is thoroughly modern on the inside.  The Preschool has excellent facilities including comfortable air-conditioned learning spaces, a naturally shaded grass area for children to run or kick a ball, a large sandpit, landscaped gardens and a veggie patch.

Our philosophy is: “To provide quality, individualised educational care, promoting a healthy, stimulating, enjoyable and warm environment within a Christian framework”.