Vision Christian Media

VISION CHRISTIAN MEDIA is a non-denominational Christian ministry. Our dream is to deliver trusted Christian media to every Australian and to help them discover faith and hope.

What makes us tick? Our Mission Statement perfectly sums it up: Vision is passionately committed to building communities of mature Christians through engaging media and resources.

We are a non-profit charity that has been working hard to bring the Good News of the Gospel to Australia since 1986. Under our old name of United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd. (UCB), we were a key driver in establishing over 30 independent Christian Community radio stations during the 1990s before we became a broadcaster and publisher ourselves.

And haven't we grown since then! Now, hundreds of thousands of Aussies across the country turn to us daily for encouragement, good company, support and Biblical perspective. We'd love to help connect faith to your life, too.

Our products include:

  • Vision Christian Radio (700+ communities)
  • The Word for Today (devotional)
  • VISION180 (youth internet radio & devotional)
  • Vision Christian Prayer Line
  • Vision Christian Store
  • Vision Christian Tours

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