St Jude's Anglican Church, Carlton

St Jude’s is an evangelical Anglican church in inner Melbourne, welcoming all kinds of people: young and old, families and singles, students and workers, internationals and locals. We currently worship in six congregations. We are a contemporary church that takes both the Bible and the world seriously and reformed evangelical theology is very much part of our DNA.
Our vision is to be a church for the whole person, the whole community, the whole city and the whole world. More about our church can be found on our website:

St Jude’s in Parkville is a ministry focussed on professional workers, families, children, students and urban dwellers in the inner northern parts of Melbourne helping them to grow in Christian maturity, and to serve Christ in their lives. With our goal of “Thinking Faith, Loving Community” we are seeking to make life changing connections with people in the workplace and in the local communities of Parkville, Brunswick and surrounding suburbs.
We also want to find ways to develop a missional mindset among the members of these congregations, so that they are effective missionaries in the world. This will mean the need for development of workplace mission strategies and training in evangelism and workplace ministry, as well as missional engagement in the urban life of a large cosmopolitan city.
St Jude’s in Parkville is currently made up of two congregations – 10am which consists of singles, couples and families (120 average attendance which includes a large number of children/youth) and 5pm mainly focussing on singles & couples (60 average attendance).