Christian Education National
  • NSW
17 May, 2022  
Campbelltown Anglican Schools Council serves the community of the Macarthur Region by the provision of quality, affordable Christian education to students in Pre Kinder to Year 12, currently through the operation of St Peter's Anglican Grammar, St Peter's Heart and Broughton Anglican College. In 2022, we appointed an Interim Executive Head to lead our multiple campuses for a period of 12 months. The new Executive Head of Campbelltown Anglican Schools will take leadership of an organisation-wide executive team that will consist of the Head of Broughton Anglican College, the Head of St. Peter’s Anglican Grammar, and the Head of Corporate Services. A further position, the Head of Chaplaincy and Christian Ministry will be added to that executive level structure for 2023. With this new structure and the appointment of a suitably gifted Executive Head of Campbelltown Anglican Schools, in combination with our combined resources, we will be able to pivot into new opportunities as...
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