Grace City Church

Grace City Church has a vision to see thousands of disciples throughout Sydney and beyond radically committed to the cause of Christ. Currently running two services (9am and 11am) at our location in Waterloo, we are welcoming people from all over the world through our doors each week.

Led by Tim Clemens, who planted the church in 2015, Grace City is almost 5 years in and looking forward to the plans God has for the future. 

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29 Oct, 2019
ROLE DESCRIPTION The primary purpose of this role is to champion the cause of Maturity at Grace City by preaching on Sundays and overseeing our small groups ministry. Part of our vision as a church includes church planting, so the successful applicant would need to be able to build a strategy that allows for groups to grow across multiple locations. In the ideal world, the successful candidate would also be willing and able to plant Grace City’s first church/campus in 2-3 years time (though this is not strictly necessary). To prepare for this, the successful candidate would also be expected to spend the next 2-3 years learning the Grace City DNA and undergoing training in church planting. DIRECTOR LEVEL COMPETENCIES Leadership - Oversees a ministry area with the responsibility of leading coaches and leaders. Discipleship - Understands and applies systematic and biblical theology and teaches spiritual disciplines. Vision - Contextualizes church vision for ministry area. Strategy - Designs ministry strategy and implements in ministry context. Collaboration - Works through leaders. People Development - Creates a development pathway for ministry area. Ministry Specific - Excellent preacher and Community Group leader, with ability to train others how to write and lead a study, foster biblical community, and facilitate a culture of prayer. EXPECTATIONS We are looking for a person with: Christian character and a love for people A commitment to Reformed Evangelical theology Strong alignment with the vision, mission and values of Grace City Church At least a bachelors level degree in theology (or equivalent) A minimum 2-3 years of full time ministry experience in a local church If not already ordained, a willingness to pursue ordination as a Sydney Anglican REMUNERATION This role would be remunerated according to the Grace City Church Remuneration Policy, which is roughly comparable to the remuneration guidelines of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Please email your cover letter and resume to: We look forward to hearing from you soon! ______________________________________________________________________________ DETAILED ROLE BREAKDOWN 1. Preaching Preach 10-20 times a year in a way that is consistent with the ‘Grace City’ style. Our preachers strive to be theologically rich, culturally engaged, and evangelistically minded. 2. Small Groups   Design, execute and oversee a strategy that grows the number and quality of groups at Grace City. Community Groups should be marked by: Devotion to the word, deep Christian community, dependence on God in prayer Design, execute and oversee a strategy that grows the number and quality of leaders at Grace City. This strategy should involve: Creating new leaders and recruiting existing ones Equipping leaders with the necessary resources to lead Developing leaders in their ability to love and lead their groups to maturity in Christ Design, execute and oversee a strategy that builds a culture within Grace City of being deeply committed to, and changed by, the word of God. 3. Other Responsibilities Other duties as requested by the lead pastor
Grace City Church 937 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW, Australia Full time
29 Oct, 2019
ROLE DESCRIPTION The primary purpose of this role is to increase the effectiveness of the lead pastor by providing him with administrative and organisational support, as well as taking ownership of various other administrative responsibilities to ensure the successful operation of Grace City Church. COMPETENCY We are looking for a person with: Christian character and a demonstrated commitment to Reformed Evangelical theology as well as the vision, mission and values of Grace City Church. Administration experience demonstrating organizational and time management skills. Excellent interpersonal skills, as well as strong written communication skills. This would include a mastery of English grammar, spelling and punctuation. An ability to work with and coordinate volunteers. EXPECTATIONS Flexible work arrangements are negotiable, but the expectation is that the bulk of work would be done from the Grace City offices. These can be spread out across several days. While there is room for discussion, the strong preference is that the successful applicant will be or will become a member of Grace City Church. REMUNERATION This role will be remunerated between Levels 3-5 (depending on the expertise and experience of the successful applicant) according to the  Clerks- Private  Sector Award 2010 . Please email your cover letter and resume to: We look forward to hearing from you soon! ______________________________________________________________________________ DETAILED ROLE BREAKDOWN 1. Executive Assistant Assist in meeting scheduling, document preparation, and processing post-meeting details. Review and/or draft the lead pastor’s correspondence and answer mail and/or compose letters. Managing the lead pastor’s calendar, guarding time for prayer, reflection and preparation. Manage data for key health indicators (KHIs) and routinely update for review by church staff. Manage communication and logistics for retreats, conferences and other opportunities for personal growth, such as meeting with friends and mentors. Edit articles, manuscripts, and other written material as needed. Maintain accurate records of annual and sick leave for all staff. Basic book keeping activities including processing invoices and completing reimbursement claims. Other duties as required 2. Church Administrator a. Office and building Staff the Grace City Church reception desk (often the first contact point for visitors). Order and maintain up to date inventories of all necessary building supplies. Book, manage and supervise all contractors / volunteers doing routine maintenance and IT work. Manage bookings and oversee function managers for all non-church events. Operate as key contact person for any tenants sharing the Grace City offices. Ensure the building is always clean and presentable for staff and congregation members. b. Communications Initiate, edit, and distribute church-wide e-mail communication. Regularly update the website with information about current/upcoming sermon series and events. Execute a pre-determined social media strategy by posting regularly from church accounts. c. Ministry Compile and distribute the run sheet for Sunday services. Create and upload slides for Sunday services. Help coordinate the bookings/logistics for church events like Weekend Away/Refresh/Baptisms. Help to manage the church database (Elvanto). d. Diocesan Relationships Provide reports/updates to the Anglican Diocese as required. Help to ensure that necessary compliance systems are in place (i.e. safe ministry). e. Projects Research, complete, and submit grant applications for additional funding as requested. Other projects as they arise.
Grace City Church 937 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW, Australia Part time