NT Christian Schools

Our Vision

“To be Christian communities, learning together to live life as God intended, offering hope for the world”

Our Mission

NT Christian Schools seeks to provide education, training and care in faithful response to the Gospel of Christ by:

  • Partnering with Christian parents to help them fulfill their mandate of educating their children in Christ;
  • Supporting all parents who choose Christian education for their children;
  • Developing, building and maintaining Christian schools;
  • Assisting every school community to provide the highest quality education from a Biblical perspective, so that students are educated within a Christian worldview;
  • Promoting Christian education in the Territory and beyond;
  • Providing opportunities for vocational training, both through the organisation’s own entities and in collaboration with other organisations;
  • Developing a wide range of partnerships that support the achievement of the vision and mission
08 Dec, 2023  
$85,009 - $121,914 yearly
Introduction NT Christian Schools is a Christian organisation. It exists to advance the Christian religion through the provision of education and religious instruction. Accordingly, in furtherance of the religious ethos of NT Christian Schools all staff will be required to deliver or contribute to religious education, to lead or otherwise assist in the conduct of religious services and otherwise engage in religious practices and observances (including, but not limited to, leading prayers or devotions and sharing testimonies), either with fellow staff or students. As representatives of NT Christian Schools, it is a genuine occupational qualification of such roles that applicants hold and act consistently with the religious beliefs of NT Christian Schools, including as articulated in the Policies and Procedures of NT Christian Schools. NT Christian Schools exists to provide a thoroughly Christian education and to give effective witness to the biblically based religious beliefs...
NT Christian Schools Marrara Christian College, Amy Johnson Avenue, Marrara NT, Australia Full time