Macau Baptist College

Macau Baptist College was established by Macau Baptist Church in 1955. We nurture the new generation of Macau with faith, hope and love. Our school vision is “Macau Baptist College, using Christian values and educational principles, aims to cultivate a new generation of students who will have a healthy self-image, positive energy, and a sense of responsibility for the community." Since 2017 we have joined the membership of International Alliance for Invitational Education and have been implementing Invitational Education in our school. We provide education from kindergarten straight through to secondary Form 6. In addition to general classroom learning, we organize diverse learning activities and in secondary section we set up many elective courses so that students can learn for their talents. Moreover, we offer primary students violin and cello courses and established the first Music Vocational Course in Macau. Further information can be found on our website: