Gladstone Church of Christ


Our Values – what is important to us.  Our values define who we are and who we want to be.

So what is important to us?

A sense of belonging is important to all of us.  Our church fellowship seeks to provide the extended family that many have left behind when they come to Gladstone.   Children have a special place.  We seek to provide them both freedom and safety to understand and experience how much God loves them.  Within the security of an accepting and loving family, we encourage everyone to experience God’s grace and healing, and to grow in maturity and faith as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our Core Values: 

As a Church fellowship that believes strongly that “We are Christians only, not the only Christians”, and therefore seek to live as one family under Christ Jesus, we value –

  • Mission – reaching others with the hope and life offered by Jesus.
  • Connectedness – connecting in meaningful ways with God, other Christians, and our community.
  • Relevance – being intentionally missional by meeting people’s real needs and living out the reality of the transforming power of Jesus within our community.
  • Vitality – journeying forward together in maturing, growing, learning and healing


Our Purpose, Mission and Vision


Our Purpose: to make disciples of Jesus.

Our Church Mission: Offering Christ’s Hope, Expressing God’s Love

Our Vision – where we intend to go; a preferred future; a picture of what could be.

We want to grow together as followers of Jesus; and to work together to bring the love and light of Jesus into our community.


Our Vision

We desire to be a Christ-centred community of faith that meets people’s real needs and invites them into a relationship with Jesus by:


* Keeping dependent on Christ for everything

* Making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ

* Staying focused on the community’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs

* Intentionally developing leaders at every level

* Being a faith community that is accepting of others and utilizing all the church property and programs as a further means to stay   people focused.

* Building quality relationships right throughout the life of the church.

Expanding on our vision – who we want to be:


 We value the idea of BEING before DOING – being in relationship with Jesus and each other, and desiring others to join us in those relationships.

 The church community is a supportive, safe place, where we provide hope, love and acceptance; people understand that they have great value in God’s sight.  We see people enabled to reach the potential God has for them.

 As a community we express God’s love and offer Christ’s hope to all, recognising God’s specific call to care for those who are hurting or vulnerable in a holistic way.

 The church reflects the demographic of the local community.  However we live differently as we stay focused on Jesus, live dependent on Him, and share the hope we have in Him.

 We embrace the value of sharing our faith, and we reach out beyond the walls of the church; we have broken down barriers to the local community, having found bridges to enable connection, and to bring hope.

 We are active in mission – local; cross-cultural; in our workplace; in our neighbourhoods.  We desire to see more people becoming followers of Jesus.

 Authentic faith is lived out every day– people seek to live honestly rather than perfectly.

 Discipling and mentoring happen as people in the church community travel this journey of life together;

 Clear pathways exist for people to take steps in their journey of faith towards further maturity.

 Children are valued members of the church.  (See Ministering to Children Vision Statement)

 There is a heightened evidence of the fruit of the Spirit, both individually and corporately; we see evidence of growth in maturity.

 People have a better understanding of their spiritual gifts and opportunities to serv – everyone is involved.

 The lights come on for people as they receive God’s truth; there are “Aha” breakthrough moments; people’s priorities begin to change.

 We see God’s Kingdom evidenced in the lives of individuals, in our church family, and in the local community.  We see the ministry of Jesus continuing through us to bring hope, healing, restoration, and freedom.