11 Jul, 2021

Church Mobilisation Officer

  • Crossroads Prison Ministries
  • Remote
Volunteer Business Development Church Minister / Pastor / Leadership Mission

Job Description



The Church Mobilisation Officer must have a heart to carry the hope of the Gospel to those behind prison walls and understand that every Christian, whether inside or outside prison, is broken and needs Jesus. The Church Mobilisation Officer must firmly believe that we can all learn and grow through relationships with one another and that we as the Church have been given a mandate by Jesus to remember and visit men and women in prison.



The purpose of the position of a Church Mobilisation Officer is to build relationships with leaders in the denominations of Christian Churches in Australia, with the aim to:

  • Increase awareness of the ministry of Crossroads 
  • Develop partnerships with denominations and so with all their churches state wide.
  • Understand how we can serve and collaborate with denominations in their own outreach to prisoners
  • Increase prayer support for prisoners and the work of Crossroads
  • Encourage church members to become Mentors and refer them to the office or being trained by the officer
  • Provide opportunities for interested church members to become financial or prayer supporters
  • Encourage denominational and individual church prayer and financial support.



The Key Responsibilities of the Church Mobilisation Officer are to:

  • Seek to develop closer relationships with the leaders, bishops, ministers and pastors of Christian Church denominations, and where possible address their Synod, Assemblies and conferences.
  • Correspond or speak at various main organisational meetings either in person or online.
  • Work closely with the Ambassador Coordinator and with existing Ambassadors from a particular denomination so they are well informed
  • Provide updates to the Committee of Management (COM). It would be envisaged that a monthly report is presented to the COM outlining activity for the last month activity and expenditure requirements for approval 


Note: Crossroads believes in the value of its volunteers and seeks to adapt volunteer roles and responsibilities to the experience and skills of our volunteers. So, we are open to discussions about how you may like to adapt the responsibilities above to your availability, skills, relationships and experience. 



  • Crossroads will train you in how our ministry operates.
  • Crossroads will produce and supply you with the materials required, such as Crossroads brochures, and Brochures for churches, promotional videos, and PowerPoint slides.
  • Crossroads will connect you with our key people and our existing relationships necessary to fulfil your responsibilities



  • Agrees with and embodies the mission and value statements of Crossroads Prison Ministries.
  • Is committed to obtaining an extensive understanding of Crossroad’s processes and in particular the role of a Mentor, Ambassador and Chaplain Liaison Officer
  • The expectation that you will be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours a month to the role for a minimum of 3 years.



The role is a volunteer role.  However, Crossroads recognizes that there will be costs incurred in the performance of the responsibilities which will be reimbursed based on prior approval by the COM. This will include a per km reimbursement for car expenses.

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