13 Jul, 2021

Female NDIS Practicing Christian Physiotherapist long-term

  • Independent support worker
  • Melbourne VIC, Australia
Part time Health Care & Medical

Job Description

NDIS Email: sarah.hndis@gmail.com

Postcode: 3029


Describe (optional):


Hello! I am an extroverted woman who strongly values having a personal relationship with God, support from my Church, friends and family. Additionally, I highly value a long-term professional relationship with an older woman who identifies as fully surrendered Christian with similar spiritual practices, values and morals. Next, I suggest that we both pray for Gods wisdom, guidance and also get advice from relevant professionals and spiritual mentors. Overall, to determine whether or not we would be the best match for a long-term female Christian professional relationship.


Fee per hour:


Fee to be in-line with the current NDIS price guide and specified clearly in the service agreement.


No weekend, after hour or flexi rates.


Non - negotiable 



Service Agreement Terms:


Service Agreement required to be signed by NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist and myself prior to commencement of our services. 


 Advertisement 1:


Job title: Female NDIS Practicing Christian Physiotherapist long-term


I'm looking for someone who (optional):

  • Firstly, looking for a female NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist.
  • Secondly, looking for a Christian NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist.


  • Thirdly, looking for a NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist who also has lived experience with either the following mental illness, family violence or trauma.

How many hours are you looking for? Approx. 45mins once every 3 months – 6 months.


When do you require support? Days


Which days and times do you need?



Afternoon approx. 3:30pm till 4:15pm.


What kind of job is this? Ongoing long-term.



Please note: Conflict with “Ignite HealthCare” please do not refer me to this organization.


Dear NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist:

 If you think you have some of the above characteristics which I am looking for in a long-term NDIS Female Christian Physiotherapist? Please reply to the above email with such as “current resume”, “cover letter”, “profile” and “work or character references” when suitable? Moreover, after this process, if I also believe you maybe the “best-match”, I will contact you personally to disclose more about what support activities I currently need help with. Overall, I would also appreciate a free “Meet and Greet” before commencing this job position which needs to start as soon as possible

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