08 Oct, 2021

Missionary to Younger Military Veteran's through Motorhound

  • The ARK of Veterans
  • Lang Lang Victoria, Australia
Part time / Full time Education & Training

Job Description

We are looking for a Managing Director; either a man or a woman with a passion for Vocational Education and the Military and their families.

The right person will be called of God to this unique ministry and will be a Logistics specialist and an administrator with financial accountancy experience.

The Applicant will know their way around Old Holdens and will have excellent man management skills and will be able to conduct themselves inside the Custom Auto Industry with relative ease.

The Applicant may have Mechanical qualifications or simply be a good back yard mechanic with a love for powerful engines and have some experience in the Custom Auto Industry.

The Applicant will have strong leadership skills and be able to further develop these Holistic Wellbeing Vocationally based support systems designed to bring our YMV and their families from their point of discharge (P.O.D) from the Military; to their Point of Reintegration (P.O.R.) In effect bridging the gap from P.O.D to P.O.R through this support system.

The Applicant may never have served in the Military but that experience would help understand what PTSD means to a service personnel who may or may not have seen active service.

The Applicant will have a vison to serve  and a view to increasing the financial security of the centre.

Closing Date

08/Nov 2021

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