01 Nov, 2019

Navy Reserve Chaplain

$20,000 - $24,999 yearly
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Australia
Part time Chaplain

Job Description


The Navy regards attention to the spiritual needs of its members as a matter of the highest importance and is committed to providing them with the opportunity and facilities for the practice of their religion.

Chaplains enter the Navy as ordained ministers / religious leaders of their faith group, and as such they are responsible to their faith group authorities and remain faithful to their faith group traditions, whilst working in a team with Chaplains from other faith groups. They seek to minister to all naval members and their families, as they are able. This means serving where the Navy's people are - both at sea and ashore. In addition to providing worship opportunities and pastoral care, Chaplains have character development responsibilities in the training of all personnel.


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology/Ministry or equivalent, and at least 2 full years of pastoral care experience since ordination or equivalent to apply. Chaplains require faith group endorsement from the appropriate member of the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services.

Applicants must be under 59 years of age on day of entry. The compulsory retirement age for Reserve Chaplains is 65 years. Only Australian Citizens are permitted to serve in the ADF.


Members of the Reserve on part-time service are paid at a daily rate of pay which is tax free. Salary will continue to increase based on rank and the number of years of service completed in that rank. Daily rates of pay for a Chaplain in the Reserve Force commence at $232.87 once trained. In addition to your salary, a Reserve Allowance of $29.32 per day is payable to compensate for the unique demands of Reserve Service.


You will serve at a Reserve unit in Brisbane, Cairns or Canberra.


The Department of Defence requires all ADF entrants to obtain a security clearance appropriate to their avenue of entry.

A process of background checks, collection of relevant information and, as required, interviews enables the Regional Security Office to make an informed assessment of an applicant’s suitability for a security clearance.

Current policy requires applicants for this particular avenue of entry to have lived in Australia for the preceding 10 years, or have a checkable background for this period. Waivers may be considered.


To be appointed, you must be medically and physically fit for entry as a Chaplain. This is partially assessed from the completion of an extensive questionnaire covering your medical history, followed by a physical examination. You will also be required to successfully pass a physical fitness test before appointment. Waivers may be considered.


Tests and/or assessments for joining the Defence Force and for particular jobs may be a requirement during the application process.


For more information or to submit your application, contact Anjelika Vorel on avorel@dfr.com.au / 08 9488 7197 or click on the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button to submit your application.

For more information view the full position description here: Navy Reserve Chaplain

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