21 Feb, 2020

Chaplain/Head of Mission Dampier

  • Anglican Diocese North West Australia
  • Dampier WA, Australia
Full time Chaplain Mission

Job Description

This role requires you to be passionate about sharing Jesus in a cross-cultural context. You should also be committed to caring for the unique needs of seafarers, many of whom spend months away from home.

The Dampier Seafarers Centre provides spiritual and practical care to thousands of seafarers from many nations who visit our Centre when they come into port. The Centre provides onshore recreation, wifi, currency exchange, food and shopping and offers terrific opportunities to share the gospel and give away Bibles and literature.  

As Head of Mission, you will oversee chaplaincy (including visiting seafarers onboard ship) and the Centre operations. Reporting to you are the Shop Manager and a team of volunteers. 

You should be theologically trained and an ordained Anglican minister.

For more information: Bishop 08 9921 7277 or Registrar 0433 033 174. Click here for application pack.

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