17 Jul, 2020

Springwood Presbyterian Churches Alive@9 Pastor 0.6 Staff Position

  • Springwood Presbyterian Church
  • Springwood Presbyterian Church, Macquarie Road, Springwood NSW, Australia
Part time Church

Job Description

Springwood Presbyterian Churches
Alive@9 Pastor
0.6 Staff Position

We are a family of churches seeking to walk in the way of Jesus in Springwood and Winmalee. Jesus said of himself: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” We don’t believe churches are buildings. So we don’t go to church. Churches are people; people who are disciples of Jesus, bound together in all our diversity by God’s love. We belong to God and to one another. We value faithfulness and vulnerability. We celebrate and lament. We immerse ourselves in the Bible and pray. We participate in God’s mission to forgive, reconcile and renew people and all things throughout the world he loves so much. And being in the Presbyterian heritage, we celebrate the grace and goodness of God every day. 

Alive@9 is a church that commenced in February 2019 and is now a family of around 100 people. We have a commitment to community, creativity, conversation and, above all, Christ. We’re growing into a community that is open: aware of the open heart of the Father, the open arms of Jesus, with our hearts open to the work of the Spirit. We particularly want to be open to children, youth and adults living as disciples together and being in genuine relationships. With God’s word open before us, we want to be open to each other and to a world of beauty, fragility and need. We also want to be open to serving others in Springwood and throughout the Blue Mountains.


Alive@9 is a church committed to being an all-age, inclusive, interactive community. We value each person’s voice, presence, and gifts. We are exploring innovative ways for whole families to engage in praise, prayer, encouragement and Bible teaching together. Every second week we have a ‘mosaic’ style approach, where we stay in the one building and learning is experienced in small bite-sized, age-appropriate pieces. On alternate weeks, we have a ‘deltaic’ style approach, where adults, teens and children move to experience learning in different streams. We aim for the Bible learning to be integrated each week. We value a culture that is creative, welcoming, honest, relaxed, transparent, flexible, responsive, intentional, and fun. It is our practice that both males and females participate in teaching and leading under the direction of the inducted Minister, the Session, and the Alive@9 Leadership Team.

This ministry position is in relation to the Alive@9 church, which meets on our Springwood site, and its associated ministries. 


The Alive@9 Pastor will be responsible to the inducted Minister of the Springwood
Presbyterian Churches. The Alive@9 Pastor will also work closely with the Alive@9 All-age Learning Co-ordinator, and will be part of the Alive@9 Leadership Team. This team is made up of elders and deacons, each with their own specific ministry roles. The Pastor will also work closely with the other staff of the churches at Springwood/Winmalee.


The position is a three day per week (0.6) role for 2021. At the end of that time, we hope to be able to offer a full-time role in 2022 and following. This will depend on the growth of the Alive@9 church and the mix of staffing across our four churches: Winmalee@9 at the Winmalee site – and Alive@9, Springwood@11, and Alive@5 at the Springwood site. At the end of 2021 the Alive@9 Pastor will be welcomed to apply for this full-time staff position if and as it becomes available.
In 2021 the Alive@9 Pastor will lead and enhance the current Alive@9 Leadership Team. They will have a high view of Scripture, Jesus, and the church. They will be supportive of both males and females in leadership and teaching roles. They will bring their creative gifts to bear in providing pastoral care to the Alive@9 church as well as vision and Bible teaching, in conjunction with the other church staff. Flexibility and an authentic, humble spiritual life will be important. They will have gifts in pastoral care, vision, encouragement, leadership and creative gospel communication.


1. Alive@9 church 

1.1 Strategising and participating in the leadership of Alive@9 a well as the staff team of the Springwood Presbyterian Churches. Regular attendance and participation in staff meetings (currently fortnightly) and other meetings with Alive@9 leadership and with the Minister. The Alive@9 Leadership Team currently meets once per month.

2. To effectively and creatively participate in Alive@9 ministries to people in Springwood and the Blue Mountains who don’t yet know God or  trust in Christ

2.1 To coordinate ministry to new people who attend Alive@9 meetings, including oversight of new people’s lunches and other strategies by which people are welcomed into the community of the church. The Alive@9 church seeks to be a cohesive, diverse community into which new people are welcomed and begin to belong.
2.2 To coordinate other ministry initiatives to connect with people in Springwood and the Blue Mountains. The Alive@9 church community is effectively connected to and ministering to the people of our towns and neighbourhoods.

3. To coordinate and participate in growing and discipling the Alive@9 community 

3.1 To coordinate and participate in activities which enable members of the church to grow in their love for God, including pastoral care, hospitality ministries, home groups, Bible study groups, prayer, mentoring, social activities etc. Alive@9 church members are being cared for and are growing in their discipleship as they walk in the way of Jesus.
3.2 To preach regularly at Alive@9 and, at times, in our other churches.Alive@9 church meetings are well organised and achieving their purpose of teaching God’s word and encouraging faith, hope and love for God and one another.
3.3 To oversee and further develop the “mosaic” and “deltaic” strategies within church meetings. Alive@9 church members are growing in their ministry effectiveness and skills for ministry.
3.4 To oversee the preparation of rosters and participation in church gatherings and activities.
3.5 To participate in coordinating events, programmes and initiatives to equip and train members of Alive@9 for the ministries of the church and more widely.


  • Completed or undertaking degree level theological education
  • Holds to evangelical and reformational convictions in keeping with the Presbyterian Church of Australia
  • Has experience in church and ministry leadership
  • Is a capable preacher and teacher
  • Displays Christlike character

This will be discussed with applicants at the time of interviews. As part of a salary package, we may also be able to assist with accommodation throughout 2021, the details of which we can discuss during interviews with applicants. 

Closing Date

2 August 2020

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