07 Apr, 2021

Families Ministry Leader

  • St. Nicolas' Anglican Church
  • Coogee NSW, Australia
Part time Church

Job Description

An exciting opportunity exists for a Families Ministry Leader who is empowered by the Lord and ready to accept the challenge of linking St. Nics’ Christian Preschool families with St. Nicolas’ Anglican Church, Coogee, and doing what they can to bring families to faith in Jesus Christ.

This will involve working in the preschool making relationships with both parents and children, connecting with existing church families, building relevant ministries in the church, and doing so on a foundation of prayer and trust in God.  The successful applicant will -

  • have had experience in a similar capacity;
  • know that such ministry can be difficult, yet will be excited by the potential in having an existing on-site authentically Christian preschool to work with; 
  • know that the local church is an ambassador of Christ and so offers His hope to a fragmenting world;
  • be excited about the growth possibilities of our church and preschool’s involvement in an intergenerational intervention research program;
  • know that small churches can be a hard slog, but will be excited to be able to serve the Lord with zeal and trust Him to grow his kingdom.  

The job is 4 days per week and if you are the right person you will already be feeling excited, so ask for a Ministry Position Description from the Rector Rev. Craig Segaert at info@coogeestnics.org then submit your CV for a start at a mutually agreeable time.

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